Commercial investigation

Do you want to know your competitors, suppliers, or investment partners?

We provide special investigation in accordance with your specified requirements.

Corporate background investigation

  • Investigation of major customers, suppliers, procurement and sales, the overall analysis, development status, and future prospects.

Employee Investigation

  • conduct secret investigations and background investigation to professional managers, executives, sales department, purchasing department & corporate internal staff.
  • Investigation & taking evidence of the leakage  commercial confidential.
  • Investigation before you Hire: Staff employed resume academic identification, work experience, practical working ability and performance, with or without the disciplinary records,  criminal history investigation and personal character investigation.

Intellectual Property Investigation

  •  Identify and locate the source of counterfeit or fraudulent merchandise, and companies infringing on your trademark.

 Personal Investigation

Location Tracking

  • Investigating the whereabouts of the target  and person they meets.

Assets Investigation

  • Investigation the target’s concealment of property, real estates or cars.
  • Investigation the debtor with or without deposit, the presence or absence of high consumption.

Children’s Activities Investigation

  • Investigate whether your children are drug abuse, puppy love, obsessed with online games, online dating and grades slipped reasons.
  • Investigate whether your children having undesirable personnel exchanges and the specific situations.

 Marital Investigation

Feel that your soul mate acting weird?Always have the inexplicable phone & SMS?

Affair investigation

  • Investigating the evidence of marital infidelity.
  • Check the location and activity of target.

Premarital Investigation

  • Investigation on future partner’s background and private life. Including curriculum vitae, academic qualifications, technical grade, working conditions, political background, social relations, family situation, actual revenue, personality characteristics living habits, character morality.

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